Elk Mountain Ridge
Asheville, NC, 28804
United States

Artist Statement


The universal principles of beauty, integrity and refinement are about the respect for the inherent nature of the materials and an understanding of the harmonious relationships that exist within the form. I believe these core principles benefit the recipient of the garment creating a natural mindfulness and detachment ...leading to outward enhancement.  

Hume & Body clothing brings style and grace to the daily art of living. 

                        It is where the art of dressing becomes a statement as well as an invitation to living in abundance.



Clothing is about connection to our ancestors, the humanity we experience daily and the connection we have to our personal selves. It is about having fun with its many contradictions while appreciating the magic it creates and the comfort it can bring.

Each day I need to breathe a moment of beauty and calm. This practice of mindfulness creates balance and openness

and invites in many forms of creativity, one of which is the intrigue and mystery of clothing.

Barbara Hume



Barbara Hume is an Asheville NC based, independent fiber artist.

Her medium is yarn and her original, uber-luxe quality fabrics define her timeless apparel collections.

Her trademark hand woven jackets and classically inspired feminine styles speak with conviction: unaffected, versatile and elegant.

Enduring the trends with distinction and individuality Hume & Body will tell your personal story.


In addition to yarn, other fabrics and textiles are used to create differentiating, quality and outstanding specialty items for women. Vintage and heirloom pieces, narrow goods, laces, and ribbons are joined to shape the body. Couture techniques are executed with impeccable stitching. Surface embellishments such as dying, stamping, and painting add depth to the piece. Fiber accents like fringe, knitting and knotting are the perfect finish to the garment. The magic is in the details and subtle techniques in design ensure the clothing’s unique quality.

In addition, Barbara's bamboo/rayon fleece line was created with the modern woman in mind...

for lounging, asanas, meditation and carrying on throughout the day.


Hume and Body retails the clothing from her studio in North Asheville as well as residential and showroom venues.

 And soon, her web site is  to be equipped for eCommerce. Stay tuned!

All are welcome to Barbara's studio- from the client who is a bona fide textile aficionado, to the woman who wants quality and unique clothing at an excellent value, and to the woman who "loves" clothes and wants a personal and direct experience when seeking them out.

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           Bookplate= Origin unknown